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I grew up in Trondheim, which is one of the biggest cities in Norway. My family has been up at our cabin in the mountains every weekend since I was born, so I started skiing at a young age. My sister got a snowboard for Christmas when I was 4, and as the youngest member of the family I had to do whatever my big sister did. I ended up getting a snowboard right after that as well, and I've been shredding ever since.

I didn't compete until I was 15 years old, because it never struck my mind. However, I ended up getting a wildcard for the Norwegian Championships in 2005, and figured, why not? I won Slopestyle and Halfpipe for juniors that year and thought competing was fun after all, so I continued.

In 2006 I got hooked up on the Junior National Team and Burton's Norwegian Team. The same year I moved away from home to go to a snowboarding high school in Geilo, Norway. In 2007 I did my first international contest in the states.

After the 06/07 season I got hooked up on the Norwegian National Team and the Burton European Team. That meant the world to me, and it still does.

Doing competitions, shooting photos and traveling all year around is amazing. To meet new people and see new places never gets old. Even though I am doing a lot of competitions, I feel like the snowboarding I do in between is what gives me the most. That's when I can progress and push my own riding further. I am so grateful that I am able to do what I love the most and travel the world with friends.

This is my first season after I graduated high school, and it's also an Olympic season, so I hope I can progress a lot and learn new tricks.

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