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Snowboarder Rider Of The Year 2015 Explained

Snowboarding News: Snowboarder Mag | Monday February 02, 2015

words: Pat Bridges Since 1999, SNOWBOARDER Magazine has honored professional snowboarding’s best with our Top Ten Rider of the Year Awards. What lends this title such acclaim is the fact that it is solely based upon the discretion and opinions of professional snowboarding’s most elite club, those riders who have themselves... Shared by: Snowboarder Mag Read Article...

Tales From The Dawg Way Way Back

Snowboarding News: Bear Mountain | Friday August 29, 2014

Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is now in its 11th year. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies… But what got us to this point here in Bear Mountain history? Even though it seems like yesterday when this event was in its creation period a lot has happened since our... Shared by: Bear Mountain Read Article...

Max Parrot Wins Snowboard Big Air At X Games Aspen 2014 Presented By Smith Optics

Snowboarding News: Snowboarder Mag | Saturday January 25, 2014

words: Pat Bridges photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes and Aaron Blatt captions: Pat Bridges and Mary Walsh In 1997, perennial Whiskey player and South Shore Soldier, Jimmy Halopoff sent it off the first X Games Big Air booter at Snow Summit, California and handily defeated the likes of Devun Walsh, Kevin Jones, and Peter... Shared by: Snowboarder Mag Read Article...

Reel Raw Lost Tapes 2002 Breckenridge Featuring Jp Walker

Snowboarding News: John Paul Walker | Monday October 21, 2013

Reel Raw Lost Tapes 2002 Breckenridge featuring JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Kevin Jones. Shared by: John Paul Walker Read Article...

Curtis Woodmans Surf The Earth Episode 2

Snowboarding News: Arbor | Wednesday February 27, 2013

Surfing the earth is about getting barreled and having as much fun with your friends as u possibly can. It’s a never ending search for the ever changing white wave. Join Curtis Woodman, Kevin Jones and Sammy Luebke as they get barreled in episode 2. Shared by: Arbor Read Article...

Sean Black

Snowboarding News: Arbor | Monday February 11, 2013

HOME MOUNTAIN: Brighton, UT BOARDS OF CHOICE: Draft 153, Westmark 156 STANCE: Regular STANCE WIDTH: shoulder width… whatever feels natural ANGLES: 15, -12 OTHER SPONSORS: WeSC, Drop Gloves, Mica Watches, Milosport, BeaverWax, MY CREW IS… Buffmoose, Alex Andrews, Ted Borland, Beresford, Pat Harrington, Cole Taylor, Everyone at the BoneZone and Brighton THE MOST FUN TRICK FOR ME... Shared by: Arbor Read Article...

Standard Snowboard Show Back For Season 8

Snowboarding News: John Stouffer | Monday October 10, 2011

FUEL TV’s “The Standard Snowboard Show” Season 8 Preview FUEL TV is getting ready for the return of one of its longest-running original hit series - “The Standard Snowboard Show” - on Thursday, November 10 at 9:30pm ET/PT.  Coming back for an eighth season, “The Standard Snowboard Show” captures the... Shared by: John Stouffer Read Article...

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