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Gabi Viteri is going straight to the top and when she gets there, she’ll probably chow a cookie and laugh about the good times she’s had along the way. Her personality sets her apart because she’s bubbly and optimistic; her riding sets her apart as one of the most impressive upcoming rail riders. This winning combination of personality and style has placed her on the fast track to rock stardom. From Montreal to Red Mountain Pass, CO this season was a whirlwind tour as she circled North America with cameras in tow. Check out the Blender, an all-new park board that Gabi helped develop.

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Hitting My Winter Stride

Snowboarding News: Breckenridge | Saturday February 11, 2017

Hitting My Winter Stride By Sam White Now that it’s February we can fully appreciate what winter has brought us here in Breckenridge, Colo. Pre-season stuck around a little longer than usual and then all of a sudden, winter arrived in full force in January and it just didn’t stop snowing. This... Shared by: Breckenridge Read Article...

Living Thegoodlife With Sailor Jerry Rum At The Hideout During Xgames

Snowboarding News: | Wednesday January 29, 2014

Living TheGoodLife! With Sailor Jerry Rum at the Hideout during XGamesWord on the street, the place to be in Aspen last weekend wasn’t the slopes, or the over branded corporate parties, in fact, it was straight- up chilling at Sailor Jerry & TheGoodLife! Hideout. Indisputably; it was the (official) HQ... Shared by: Read Article...

Ps Episode 6 Horsin Around

Snowboarding News: | Wednesday March 13, 2013

P.S. Episode 6: Horsin' AroundHuntington Beach, CA USA (Wed, 13 Mar 2013 15:20:28 -0700) – Hana Beaman and Gabi Viteri go to Silverton, Colorado ... and use horses and cars for an in-town "urban" shred session. Shared by: Read Article...

Boarders Without Borders A Snowboarding Documentary

Snowboarding News: | Monday March 19, 2012

Boarders Without Borders, a Snowboarding documentary film, will follow three professional American snowboarders as they journey to Iran to ride the world-class Alborz mountains in March of 2013. When one thinks of Iran, it is typically the unrest and political strife that is widely represented in the American media. The... Shared by: Read Article...

Ps Episode 2 Youve Got To Start Somewhere

Snowboarding News: Vans | Wednesday November 30, -0001

Hana Beaman considers throwing her hat in the Olympic ring and meets up with Erin Comstock, Gabi Viteri and Danyale Patterson for a playground session. (-via XGames) Shared by: Vans Read Article...

Hana Beamans Ps Webisodes In Silverton Co

Snowboarding News: Vans | Wednesday November 30, -0001

Words and photos: Larry Nuñez Straight from last weekend’s Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom, Hana Beaman headed down to Silverton, Colorado with Burton’s Gabi Viteri to film another of her “P.S.” webisodes featured on Any chance to ride in Silverton must not be missed, so I grabbed photographer Meg... Shared by: Vans Read Article...

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