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Brendan Keenan Made It Into Snowboard Mags Top 10 Instagrams Of 2013 His Shot I

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Friday January 10, 2014

Brendan Keenan made it into Snowboard Mags top 10 instagrams of 2013. His shot is a banger, but check them all out here: Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Got Half An Hour Spare Well You Should Check Out Year Of The Snake A Bc Movi

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Wednesday December 11, 2013

Got half an hour spare? Well you should check out "YEAR OF THE SNAKE", a BC movie starring Brendan Keenan and many others. That is because it is sicker than bird flu! Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Search For A Cool Place With Mark Landvik

Snowboarding News: Vans | Wednesday November 06, 2013

Search For A Cool Place is an exploration of snowboarding, mind-expansion, adrenaline freaks, the trips they take and where they've ended up. Featuring: Mark Landvik, Wyatt Stasinos, Cory Stasinos, Nick Russell, Forrest Burki, Ryland Bell, Shaun McKay, Lucas Debari, Kael Martin, Alex Yoder, Blake Paul, Nick Dirks, Jake... Shared by: Vans Read Article...

Brendan Keenan Shredding At Baker With Dan Brisse And Friends Sweet Song Too

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Monday April 01, 2013

Brendan Keenan shredding at Baker with Dan Brisse and friends. Sweet song too!Dan Brisses’ ‘NUTS and BOLTS’ Ep 3: Mt Baker backcountry | TransWorld SNOWboardingsnowboarding.transworld.netDan Brisse is back with his latest ‘NUTS and BOLTS‘ episode. Watch as Brisse and the NATION crew head into the Mt Baker backcountry. Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Amazing Spread Of Brendan Keenan Taking On A Burly Drop In Whistler Bcnphoto J

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Wednesday February 27, 2013

Amazing spread of Brendan Keenan taking on a burly drop in Whistler BC. Photo: Jeff Patterson Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Brendan Keenan On His Way To 2nd Place In The Banked Handplant Competition Durin

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Friday February 15, 2013

Brendan Keenan on his way to 2nd place in the banked handplant competition during the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker. From Brendan: "I did the Baker Banked Handplant contest over the weekend during the LBS. I did a bunch of different hand plants then ended up coming 2nd and... Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Brendan Keenan Takes A Burly Drop In The Whistler Backcountry And Then Sends It

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Wednesday December 19, 2012

Brendan Keenan takes a burly drop in the Whistler backcountry and then sends it! From Pleasure Magazine. Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

For Regular And Awesome Shots Like This Banger Of Brendan Keenan From Snowboarde

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Wednesday December 05, 2012

For regular and awesome shots like this banger of Brendan Keenan from Snowboarder Magazine, follow us instagram! &# @;bataleonsnowboards Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

Tired Of Having To Choose Between Watching Street And Backcountry Well Dont Ch

Snowboarding News: Bataleon | Friday November 30, 2012

tired of having to choose between watching street and backcountry? well don't choose then, just watch Brendan shred EVERYTHING!!Brendan Keenan - 2012 Full PartVimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them. Shared by: Bataleon Read Article...

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