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HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL –Tierney Rides, LLC, is the official supplier of the T-Board, a two-wheeled street board that delivers the true carve and ride dynamics of snowboarding on paved surfaces, to the US Snowboard Team.

“Members of the US Snowboard Team have tested the T-Board and found it to be a great cross-training tool,” Said Peter Foley, Head Coach US Snowboard Team. “The body movements used in T-boarding are very similar to snowboarding.

Most importantly T-boarding provides the same carving sensation as snowboarding.” “We’ve worked very hard to develop a technology that allows you to ‘carve’ in and out of turns using the same techniques used in snowboarding and skiing,” said Kurt Tierney, CEO Tierney Rides. “In addition to the national press we’ve earned, it’s really an honor to have top athletes acknowledge that our product meets the strict training standards for Olympian snowboarders.”

The T-Board will be featured in June’s Maxim & Stuff Magazine and July’s Wired Magazine. It was also previously showcased nationally on Good Morning America, ESPN Summer X-Games and CNN Headline News. "We've tried everything on the market, and this is the first streetboard that delivers a ride that duplicates the lower leg movement of a snowboard.

It's a extremely effective way to practice technique and keep a snowboarders muscles conditioned year round," said Scott Palmer, Program Director, Stratton Mountain Snowboarding School.

The T-Board is the brainchild of Kurt Tierney and his brother Tyler. The first prototype was constructed from pieces of hardware in their mom’s garage in the spring of 1999.

Tierney Rides, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL., is committed to creating the most innovative ride technology on the market, with performance and feel above everything. Tierney will continually push to perfect the T-Board ride and soon release the exciting Cross Training downhill street

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